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Hazelmoon -- LostColony by Splair Hazelmoon -- LostColony by Splair


Name history:
Name meaning:
Hazel:For her hazel-coloured pelt.
Claw: Given for her fierce personality and skill in battle.

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 33 moons

Physical information

Brief description: Light cream she-cat with mouse-brown tabby markings.
Breed: Unknown tabby mix
Pelt: Soft, mostly short but long in places, light hazel, well-groomed
Eyes: Bright amber
Nose/Pawpads: Light pink
Height: Barely above average male height
Weight: Average weight for a Hawkclan cat

Ability Statistics

Moor hunting: 6/10
Forest hunting: 2/10
Marsh hunting: 3/10
Swimming: 7/10
Fishing: 4/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Speed: 10/10
Stamina: 3/10
Offence: 10/10
Defence: 6/10
Patrolling: 6/10
Mentoring: 8/10
Medicine: 0/10
Sight: 8/10
Scenting: 9/10
Hearing: 7/10

Belief in The Lost: 100/100
Loyalty to their clan: 100/100



+ Fierce
Undeniably fierce both in mind and in battle, she never comes off as nervous or shy.
+ Determined
Hazelmoon does not give up easily, it would take a situation of life and death.
+ Passionate
Extremely passionate for the things she loves, also applies to her friends and family.

= Kind
Despite her salty exterior, Hazelmoon is a kind cat to all- it shows most when cats need sympathy or are in need.
= Orderly
She likes a show of order and tidiness in her and her clan's appearance.
= Observant
Very observant of others and her surroundings.
- Selfish
She has grown to be selfish due to the way cats have always put her before others.
- Hostile
Incredibly hostile to those who have wronged her or her clan.
- Argumentative
Very argumentative to cats who are on her bad side.

Relationship Information

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Gender Preference: Males
Activity: Rarely
Likes: Dark pelts, strong toms, sharp-tonged cats, intimidating cats.
Dislikes: Orange pelts, weak physically/mentally, awkward cats
Crush: n/a
Former partner(s): Snowwatcher (deceased)
Offspring: n/a
First litter: Lionpaw, Blizzardpaw, Dawnpaw
Second litter:
Third litter:

Family Information

Mother: Ambermoon/light
Father: Timberfall
Sibling(s): Grasskit
Other relations: n/a


Mentor: Darkstrike
Student(s): Lionpaw
Learning Ability: Picks up things fairly quickly, though certain tasks may take a second lesson.


Kit: Hazelkit and Grasskit were born to Ambermoon and Timberfall of Hawkclan, the clan gathered around the nursery, excited for the arrivals of the leader's Heir. Grasskit passed away soon after birth- the Healer was unable to identify her cause of death. Hawkclan didn't mourn for long as Hazelkit still lived strong, once she was old enough to eat solid foods warriors would bring the finest pieces of prey in hopes of getting on her good side as it could affect their future which caused the young she-kit to become rather selfish as she had always come first.

Student: Hazelkit was ecstatic to become an apprentice and as she had such a close relationship to her mother, Ambermoon, she was given the opportunity to choose her own mentor, she chose Darkstrike as a mentor as she admired his strengh, he had also been one of the warriors who regularly brought food to her. 
She was named Hazelpaw and trained hard, her mentor made good use of her determined nature and would often set difficult tasks for the she-cat to complete. She finished her training in the average amount of time and prepared her honour speech. Hazelpaw spoke proudly and passionately, promising to protect her clan until she day she dies.

Warrior: Hazelpaw was named Hazelclaw for her fierce personality and battle-skill, she was popular among the young toms and they continuously attempted to woo her, she was the most desirable cat of her clan and found amusement in playing hard-to-get for the toms, teasing them to no end.
Once Hazelclaw turned 20 moons her mother believed it was time to step down and allow her daughter to succeed her place as Leader, Hazelclaw was delighted to hear her decision and they made their way to the Pond of the Lost that same night.
Ambermoon was stripped of her remaining extra life and took her old warrior name, Amberlight. Hazelclaw was named Hazelmoon and they returned with their heads high.

Other: The leader had decided to take a break from erratic duties and began to mingle with her clanmates- she soon ran into a tom around her age, Snowwatcher, they must've been apprentices together at one point. She began to spend time with him and found herself falling for Snowwatcher- her wishes and dreams almost stopping her from taking him as a mate. Hazelmoon soon gave birth to her first litter, they were named Dawnkit, Blizzardkit and Lionkit. She plans to take Lionkit under her wing, training him to be the main heir of the throne.

Her mate passed the day that their kits had been named students, found battered and bloodied- his wounds the result of another feline, a rogue. This hit the molly and her family harshly, having nobody else to turn to as she was left to cope with the information alone.


Roleplay Information

Preferred Roleplay Locations: Discord
Activity Status: Common
Delays: School
Roleplay Limits: None
Roleplay Example: 
"Foxclan" she replied simply, opting not to tell the young tom-cat that their leader wasn't quite respected among the other clans.. perhaps not in his own, either. "Some of their cats can be unpredictable, so if we encounter one, lets hope they're not one who is easily provoked." Hazelmoon brought herself to a halt a tail-length away from the lush forest- though its usual green leaves had turned to the same shades as the sunset. The molly was silent- the crunching of leaves allowing for the presence of another cat to be rather obvious. "Someone's coming.."
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